Inukshuk - Six Nations Soapstone Carving

$149.00 CAD

Artist: Kanen’Tasé "New Tall Pine"

Nation: Oneida

Clan: Wolf

Number: 348-SN-3062-30

Dimensions: 3"L X 1"W X 5"H  (approximately)

This carving is signed by Kanen’Tasé. It comes with the Iroqrafts Tag of Authenticity.

Sometimes written as inukshuk (an Inuit word meaning « acting in the capacity of man ») Inuits used these stone figures to show direction, warn of danger, reveal food and fishing areas, indicate sacred places to show respect & most importantly, as helpers for hunting caribou. Today, the inukshuk has been adopted as a symbol of interdépendance and value of strong relationships. Since the Inuits had no written language at the time, the inukshuks were one way that information was passed to future generations. In this way, they are a gift from the past that’s keeps giving.  

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