Smudge Bowl - Six Nations Soapstone Carving

$229.00 CAD

Artist: Eric Silver

Nation: Oneida

Clan: Bear

Number: 325-SN-4859-24

Dimensions: 4”L X 4”W X 3”H

This carving is signed by Silver. It comes with the Iroqrafts Tag of Authenticity.

Smudging is a tradition, common to many First Nations and Métis, which involves the burning of one or more medicines gathered from the earth. The four sacred medicines used in First Nations’ ceremonies are tobacco, sage, cedar and sweetgrass. The most common medicines used in a smudge are sweetgrass, sage and cedar. Smudging has been passed down from generation to generation. There are many ways and variations on how a smudge is done. Historically, Métis and Inuit people did not smudge; however, today many Métis and Inuit people have incorporated smudging into their lives.

Smudging allows people to stop, slow down, become mindful and centred. This allows people to remember, connect and be grounded in the event, task or purpose at hand. Smudging also allows people to let go of negativities. Letting go of things that inhibit a person from being balanced and focused comes from the feeling of being calm and safe while smudging. The forms of smudging will vary from nation to nation but are considered by all to be a way of cleansing oneself. Smudging is part of “the way things are done” and is part of living a good life.

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