About Fur

Fur is a natural product that can be dyed, sheared and styled in countless ways. There are many different kinds of fur, each with its own particular characteristics. The following is a brief guide to help you select the fur that best suits your style and needs. If you are interested in a fur that is not listed in our guide we will make it available to you. If there is a particular style you want that you don’t see in our collection, we have the facility to create it especially to your specifications. We carry a wide range of beautifully designed handcrafted furs, all of which are made on the premises at our manufactory in Old Montreal.



Sheared Beaver

Sheared beaver is soft and velvety in texture. It is a very durable fur and is often dyed fashionable colors. It is also known for its warmth.


Natural Beaver has long lustrous guard hairs over a thick under fur. It is most often a light brown with golden tones, though can also be found in darker shades.


Coyote is a thick, long-haired fur. It is most often pale gray with some brown or black undertones which give the fur a lively texture.


There exists a wide range of natural colors in fox. Some of the most common are silver fox, which is black with white highlights, crystal, which is a russet color with gray tones, red, which is a vibrant orange, and blue, which is mostly white with faint gray tips. Fox is a dense and full fur, with a soft texture. It is often dyed for added effect.


A exceptionally soft fur with white and cream tones and the characteristic dark markings.


Perhaps the most popular fur; mink is lightweight with a soft, thick under fur and a short textured topcoat.

Sheared Mink

Shearing removes the guard hairs on the mink pelts to reveal the luxurious under fur. The result is a lighter, more casual look. Sheared Mink is often dyed.

Rex Rabbit

The king of the rabbit family. Soft and thick fur and can be dyed in any color.


A light but very dense and soft fur. It is generally white with slate tones.