Fur Remodeling

Remodelling is an integral part of our business. Many of our clients have fur coats which are either vintage, no longer fit properly, or need a restyling. We are experts in turning a fur coat which is not being worn into a coat our client will wear with pride and confidence.
Remodelling a fur coat requires the same craftsmanship as making a new coat. From the blocking, to the cutting, to the trimming and sewing, attention is paid to every detail. For our clients who are very budget conscious, remodelling is an excellent option in terms of cost. We have many patterns to choose from in our boutique. We are able to work from photographs or simply do whatever the client imagines.
The first step in remodelling is evaluating the condition of the skins. If the skins are still supple, there is nothing we are unable to do, including shearing. If the skins are too dry, we recommend using them for something which will not require as much handling such as a pillow or a throw.
We must see and feel the skins in order to make this determination and therefore ask our client to bring the item to the boutique or mail it to us if distance is a problem.
We take as much pride in turning something our client already owns into a thing of beauty and practicality as we do in creating something new. We will always assure our client’s complete satisfaction.