Bear - Six Nations Soapstone Carving

$199.00 CAD

Artist: Gah'Gweni'Yoh "Hanging Moon"

Nation: Seneca

Clan: Snipe

Number: 283-SN-4640-1543

Dimensions: 4"L X 2.5"W X 2"H  (approximately)

This carving is signed by Gah'Gweni'Yoh. It comes with the Iroqrafts Tag of Authenticity.

The bear is a healer and a giver of good medicine, protector and symbolizes physical strength and leadership, learned humility, teaching. A bear is one off the most prevalent figures in crest and shamanic art, as well as in myths. It is a close relation of humankind, perhaps because of physical characteristics such as size, appearance, expression, and behaviours such as standing on two hind legs, gathering plants and berries, fishing and nurturing young. Bears are a well-respected member of their communities.

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